Monitor the Metrics that Matter!

Orchestrate key business operations with real-time metrics, seamless training, and support services. With monthly KPI Analysis and Reporting, monthly virtual team coaching, plus virtual support, let us help your team reach PRO status! We integrate the nation’s leading software for tracking all the important numbers. Save time, find hidden revenue, fill schedules, keep patients coming back, increase production and give your team the coolest tool on the market to maintain productivity and accountability.

Efficiency Drives Productivity

Learn how to incorporate the overall philosophy of patient care in your practice into the flow of the patient through the practice. A productive team moves their patients thoughtfully, intentionally, and efficiently through the life cycle of each visit.


  • Craft a quick and painless (and effective) Morning Huddle. Quickly analyze your month-to-date status, identify opportunities for care, laser-focus on production goals, and plan to engage your patients in a way that leaves them feeling comfortable and confident.

  • Optimize accountability among your team members. Learn ways to efficiently identify opportunities for care and follow up with patients in a systematic, manageable way.

  • Identify optimal intervals for patient communication. We'll teach you the industry's best practices for appointment confirmations, recall reminders, treatment plan follow-ups, reactivation campaigns, newsletters, and MORE!

Productivity Results in Growth

When you understand what Key Performance Indicators are and how they reflect success (or opportunity for improvement), you'll begin to see how trends affect your team, your work, and your practice goals.

The next step in understanding KPI is learning how to interpret them in order to create and implement strategies to strengthen weak areas of practice performance.

Leveraging KPI to affect practice growth is both an art form AND a science. This course serves as a vital first step in mastering the ability to provide invaluable insight to your leadership team. Most importantly, developing this rare talent gives you the opportunity to increase your professional value and find opportunities to make a difference in your practice and beyond.


  • Discover the three overarching categories of KPI: Growth & Retention, Productivity, and Revenue & Efficiency.

  • Learn how to interpret the individual metrics within each category and how they overlap and influence each other.

  • Identify incremental changes and actions to take in the operation of your practice that will impact KPI on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Meet the Method Pro Team

Director, Practice Enhanced Lori Kester

Lori Kester has over 30 years of experience in the dental industry as a dental hygienist, specialty practice manager, and certified practice management software trainer. Lori joined the Method Pro team to provide a deeper level of insight into marketing efforts and strategy development for dental practice growth. She directs the Practice Enhanced department which focuses on internal practice management systems design and performance, team education, and the implementation of customized operational workflows. A creator and presenter of multiple accredited continuing education courses on topics ranging from clinical hygiene practice to practice management software, she’s coached many of the nation’s elite-level practice managers to measurable success. Ultimately, she’s on a mission to help dental teams grow, thrive, and prosper.

CEO, Method Pro Kevin White

Kevin is widely active with many local and state dental associations, and he’s helped many dental practices grow their brands and profits. Dental entrepreneurs admire him for being an effective communicator and a strategic planner with exceptional organizational skills. Kevin has the right METHOD for training diverse teams on the effective importance of systems and technology required to create more efficient business environments. He is also a PRO in dental administrative systems, internal and external marketing, and strategic planning. Kevin offers dental offices the right tools to achieve lasting success. In a world of “adapt or die,” he helps practices of every size shift their strategies to think the way patients do in today’s competitive digital world. Kevin loves connecting dental practices to their local communities and bringing a holistic approach to practice growth.

Chief Vision Officer, Method Pro Greg Grillo, DDS

Dr. Greg Grillo brings 27 years of experience to dental entrepreneurs with an unmatched background across the profession. After serving as a U.S. Navy Dental Officer until 1999, he entered private practice and invested heavily in business development education and the patient experience. After tripling practice production and lowering overhead to 49%, he designed an exit plan as demand grew for his unique expertise. He’s served as the content director for an Inc. 5000 dental software company, and a strategist for independent dentists and DSOs, vendors, manufacturers, and developers across the globe. As Chief Vision Officer at Method Pro, he brings clients exceptional, empathetic guidance on every aspect of dental ownership. Dr. Greg is passionate about helping dentists design a practice that’s fulfilling, profitable, and full of possibilities.

Course curriculum

    1. A message from the Method Pro Team

    2. How to use this course

    3. Before we begin...

    1. Intro to Practice Analytics

    2. The Morning Huddle

    3. Implementing Follow-Ups

    4. 15 Key Performance Indicators

    5. Tracking Trends

    6. Targeting Growth

    7. Team Implementation

    8. Troubleshooting Growth Limiters

    9. Smart Systems

    10. Patient Experience, Defined

    11. Marketing for Growth

    12. Management, Leadership, and Career Growth

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